Mist Collection Systems

MISTMAX® High-Efficiency Mist Collector Brochure

Anyone who produces coolant mist and smoke knows the problems that arise if you don't effectively capture and filter it. From oil puddles on machinery and floors to the blue haze across the plant, oil mist and smoke become a maintenance issue. Oil residue is costly to clean up, may cause problems with equipment that are costly to repair. From individual machine mounted units like our OM550DD or MM800 to large central systems we can offer filtration options that will solve any mist problems found in the industry and in most cases, return costly cutting fluid to your machinery.

MISTMAX® series high efficiency mist collectors

If you are tired of the maintenance headaches and costs involved with frequent change-out of bag filters, MISTMAX® is something you should consider. Heavy-duty cabinet equipped with MISTMAX®, patented 8-layer, high efficiency, long-life cartridge filter technology with capabilities of 800 - 3600 CFM, rivals any competitive unit on the market today. Standard options include floor stands, two minihelic filter gauges, (prefilter section and main filter section), standard 2" mesh / 2" baffle prefilter combination and upblast exhaust.

OM Style Mist Collectors

Micro Air OM Style Mist collectors provide traditional three stage filtration, pre-filter, scrim lined oil mist bag filtration, and HEPA Afterfilter options.
Mist Collection Systems

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