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Flexibility is key with Micro Air's XA23 Downdraft Table with 4“ diameter source capture arm, offering multiple methods of weld smoke and fume capture thus providing the ability to tailor capture method to each particular job. Downdraft table with SCA arm combo effectively captures Weld Smoke and Fumes leaving breathing and vision zones free of harmful contaminants.

Micro Air XA Downdraft Tables capture weld smoke XA Downdraft Tables
XA Downdraft Tables

Micro Air® XA34, 3 ft. x 4 ft. EXtreme Air downdraft tables keep the air free of hazardous smoke and fumes in an Iowa training facility.

Micro Air Clean Air Booth captures weld smoke, pulling harmful comtaminants from workers breathing zone Clean Air Booth
Clean Air Booth

Micro Air CAB's (Clean Air Booth) draw weld smoke and fumes away from the work area, returning clean, safe air to the work zone in a northeast playground equipment manufacturing facility.

Micro Air MC3000 Ambient collection of  weld smoke and fumes MC3000 - Ambient
MC3000 - Ambient

Micro Air® MC3000 cartridge collectors installed in a racetrack configuration remove weld smoke and fumes from the air. Before and After pictures at left show the drastic improvement in the air quality in this weld facility after the MC3000 collectors were installed.

Micro Air RP12-4 captures weld smoke and fumes in Training Facility RP12-4 - Weld Training School
RP12-4 - Weld Training School

Micro Air® RP12-4, 48 cartridge dust collector removes weld smoke and fumes, supplying clean, pollutant-free air to students working in a Kansas City training facility.

Micro Air ducted downdraft tables and source capture arms eliminate smoke and fumes from each station in weld training school. Army Base Weld School
Army Base Weld School

The weld school at FT Dix Army Base - Micro Air Engineered Systems Distributor to provided their students with clean, safe air while learning their trade.  12 weld stations are free of hazardous smoke and fumes utilizing two ea RP6-2, 12 cartridge collectors ducted to a DDT7230 downdraft table and SCA809 source capture arm in each station.

Micro Air RP8-5 - 3 sets of 48 cartridge dust collectors capture weld smoke from trailer hitch manufacturing facility. Central Dust Collector System
Central Dust Collector System

Micro Air® RP8-15, 120 cartridge dust collection system, collects weld smoke and fumes, filtering the air, and returning clean, safe, conditioned air back to the facility in a midwest hitch manufacturers facility.

Micro Air MC3000 with SCA809 source capture arm eliminates weld smoke and fumes. MC3000 Source Capture
MC3000 Source Capture

MC3000 ducted to source capture arms eliminates weld smoke and fumes, providing a safe work environment.

Micro Air Dust Collectors in multiple Robotic Weld Cells provide clean safe air in full facility. Robotic Weld Cells
Robotic Weld Cells

A large Tier 1 automotive supplier had 120 Robotic Welders and additional material conveying lines, producing finished goods from oily, stamped parts. A competitor's equipment was originally specified for a very large central system, but due to past successes with Micro Air’s Roto-Pulse® filter cleaning system, in different applications within the same company, the customer wanted to use Micro Air’s line of RP Series dust collectors on this project. Because welding was done in various cells or segregated work-spaces, Micro Air's Engineered Systems Distributor in the area, proposed eliminating the larger central dust collector system and installing 22 smaller RP8-2(16 cartridge) dust collectors inside the facility, directly above or near the manufacturing processes. This eliminated the need for costly ductwork, added more flexibility for future changes in plant layout, and allowed for easier maintenance and filter change-outs. Each RP8-2 cleaned the smoke and dust from 4 Robotic Welders and multiple material transfer lines and incorporated two of Micro Air’s SA4000 spark arrestors. The decision to buy Micro Air equipment was based largely on the filter cleaning capabilities of the Roto-Pulse® system, a track record of delivering what was promised, custom designed products to meet the customer’s specific needs, less maintenance, increased production capabilities, and the overall value of the proposed systems.

Micro Air Portable TM1000 captures weld smoke and fumes in weld station. TM1000 Portable Collector
TM1000 Portable Collector

Micro Air TM1000's equipped with either 6 inch or 8 inch diameter source capture arm captures weld smoke and fumes at point of generation, keeping the workers breathing and vision zones clear of hazardous pollutants.

Micro Air MC2500 with dual filter modules equipped with source capture arms capture contaminants in weld facilty. MC2500 - Source Capture
MC2500 - Source Capture

MC2500 with dual filter modules and two source capture arms remove smoke and contaminants from the work area.

Micro Air MC3000 ducted to hood over weld cell eliminates smoke in work area. MC3000 Source Capture
MC3000 Source Capture

MC3000 ducted to hoods source capturing weld smoke from robotic welders.

icro Air MX3510 with hood over work space captures weld smoke. MX3510 with hood
MX3510 with hood

MX3510 ducted to a canopy hood to source capture smoke.

Micro Air RP4-2 configured for capture of weld smoke and fumes in robotic weld cell RP4-2 Robotic Weld Cell
RP4-2 Robotic Weld Cell

Micro Air® RP4-2 configured for capture of weld smoke and fumes in robotic weld cell.

SC150 captures solder smoke SC150

The SC150 used to collect solder fumes at the source.

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