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Dust Collection Systems Dust Collection Systems
Dust Collection Systems

Micro Air® dust collectors are engineered from the ground up with innovative design, and features that provide what counts most in a dust collector: functionality. From fine dust to coarse particulate, we can help make your plant a cleaner and a more friendly work environment.

Source Capture Exhauster Arms Source Capture Exhauster Arms
Source Capture Exhauster Arms

Micro Air® model SCA exhauster arms are used on a wide variety of fume and particulate exhaust applications. Designed to control airborne pollutants at their generation point, SCA arms can be equipped with a fan to vent outside, or used with Micro Air® air cleaners or dust collectors to filter the material and then return fresh air back into the facility.

Downdraft Tables Downdraft Tables
Downdraft Tables

Micro Air® Downdraft Tables offer you the flexibility to configure a work table to exactly meet your needs, space and worker preference. Downdraft tables provide your clean air solution in a variety of applications including grinding, sanding, welding smoke and fumes, deburring, or fumes.

Ambient Air Cleaning Systems Ambient Air Cleaning Systems
Ambient Air Cleaning Systems

Ambient collection, filtering the ambient air (all the air in an area) by cycling it through filters is a good option where source capture is impractical due to obstacles such as cranes, machinery and / or layout of your facility, or for budgetary constraints. Typically ambient capture a cost-effective way to increase worker safety levels and greatly reduce the sick days that are caused by irritations of breathing contaminants produced in industrial operations.

Source Capture Collectors Source Capture Collectors
Source Capture Collectors

Source Capture

As the name implies, pollutants are captured at the source. Through the use of hoods, enclosures, and airflow, source capture provides the most effective means of controlling pollutants.

Portable Air Cleaners Portable Air Cleaners
Portable Air Cleaners

Micro Air® manufactures a complete line of portable collectors with plug and play capabilities. From the TM1000, cartridge collector for lighter duty or small volume applications to the MC1500 cartridge collector for heavy duty production. These collectors are ideal for welding, grinding applications, providing the mobility of a portable unit with the capability of providing a safe working environment when a plant wide system is not required. Rounding out Micro Air's® line of portable collectors is the MA4210 bag collector, a multistage filtration option that can accommodate up to 80 lbs. of carbon, ideal for solvent and fume/odor issues.

CAB - Clean Air Booths CAB - Clean Air Booths
Cab Clean Air Booths

The Micro Air® Clean Air Booth (CAB) is a unique blend of simple modular construction and leading edge air cleaning technology. It's a self-contained, ductless system that provides maximum manufacturing flexibility while protecting workers from the airborne hazards associated with applications such as cutting, welding, grinding, sanding, finishing, and multiple other industrial operations that produce airborne contaminants.

Wet Dust Collection Systems Wet Dust Collection Systems
Wet Dust Collection Systems

HYDROMAX®...Micro Air's line of wet collectors provide the economical, simplified solution to dust collection in applications where there is risk of deflagration of explosion. Ducted directly to an industrial operation or to a WCDDT (Downdraft Table), the HYDROMAX® wet collector captures aluminum, titanium or other volatile dust at the point where it is generated, drawing the particulate into the water-wash system. The HYDROMAX® series provides OSHA / NFPA compliant, source-capture of volatile materials without the addition of costly components required with traditional dust collectors, ie. explosion vent, backblast dampers, fast acting valves, chemical isolation.

Mist Collection Systems Mist Collection Systems
Mist Collection Systems

Our full line of coolant mist collectors provides you with the flexibility to design a large system with multiple pick ups or to select a small machine mounted unit with a single source collector. Along with a flexibility in units comes a flexibility in filtration. All of our bag oil mist units offer multi-stage filtration, which can handle any application. Micro Air® also offers our line of MISTMAX® cartridge mist collectors providing longer filter life and higher efficiencies.

Spark Arrestors Spark Arrestors
Spark Arrestors

Protect your equipment, reduce the chance of fires and protect your employees & facility by installing a Micro Air Spark Arrestor in your dust collection system. Micro Air spark arrestors reduce the potential for fire by capturing sparks and hot embers generated in grinding, deburring, cutting, and welding operations prior to them reaching the dust collector.

Intelli-Touch Intelli-Touch

The Micro Air Intelli-Touch® control panel for use with Micro Air dust collection systems is truly a state-of-the-art system that enables the dust collector to continually operate at the designed CFM. By operating at the exact specifications your application requires, there is no wasted horsepower, compressed air, or energy. Intelli-Touch also allow for the maximum possible filter life.

Combustible Dust Combustible Dust
Combustible Dust

Why Risk A Dust EXPLOSION?

Micro Air offers NFPA / OSHA compliant components for your dust collection system. Every installation is different, and Micro Air's factory-trained engineered systems distributors in the field are available to assess your requirements and provide the solution.

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